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The new firemare v1.0.2.5 for X9

v1.0.2.5 coming soon
System Update List:

1. Add the function of Bluetooth connects automatically after power on.
2. Smooth the dtshdma audio of Blu-ray 3d movie
3. Smooth truehd track occasionally
4. Modify the error problem of video interface when 4K output or inserting HDMI OUT line
5. Add the flip function of Remote key

Software update list :

1.The APK still shows recommended data even doesn’t get into the network.
2. Data keeps updated after the recommended data changed.
3. Add the dragging function of UI mouse
4. Optimize the font styles
5. Modify the error indicator problem when inserted USB devices.

Record screen:

1. Modify display styles of setting appointment time, change into specific time
2. Optimize UI disappears automatically when deleting appointment or recorded files
3. Optimize setting the accuracy of video length

File Manager:

1. Optimize SD also can display by press Up to unload
2. Add the function of circulation list
3. Add a key to flip

Music Player:

1. Optimize the accuracy of translation from the “Unknown” language

Picture Manager:

1. Optimize swithcing pirtures around when view pictures from file manager
2. Optimize the clarity when flashing
3. Modify the display position of UI
4. Optimize recycling of picture memory
5. Modify the memory overflows for some larger pictures

OTA Update:

1. Revise the APK
2. speeds download
3. more reasonable designature for UI
4. Support background download
5. Download from breakpoint automatically
6. Support local upgrade and background replication
7. View update blogs of 6 nearest versions

Video Player:

1. Optimize the continued saved function of ISO/BDMV
2. Localmm keeps on running when the system language switchs to others,like Russian
3. Delete the repeat function of the loop mode playlist options
4. Modify track after swithing track or video fast- forward.
5. Modify the problem of forward/back, when play/pause pressing around the key.
6. Optimize the display dimension when playing 3D
7. Optimize the unfull dimension when playing 3D-2D video
8. LocalMM keeps running when switching into cycle mode
9. After selecting track, maintain the selected track when re- enter the menu
10. Modify default display when inscribed caption



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