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How to flash the zidoo x9 firmware

There is some risk for flashing your BOX, please be quite careful to make it.(It will clean out user data entirely, please be cautious to do it.)

The following Flashing Process is about ZIDOO X9, attaching ZIDOO X9 TV BOX:

First, do some preparation:

① A ZIDOO X9 TV BOX, one HDMI cable, A TV set (You kept surely, do not say any more);

② a quite fine needle, you can use other finer tools instead of it, such as toothpick, etc. ( In order to hold down the Reset button );

③U disk, ensuring that it is as below the format of FAT32;


At the beginning, you need to download the zip ROM: the file MstarUpgrade.bin ( do not change the file’s name ), then copied to the U disk you’re ready , you just need to take it into the Root Directory , not other files.

Then, insert U disk into one of USB2.0 port, as shown below ①② mark.

Now you can flash your BOX: First,you need to press the Reset button , then turn on the Power, the VFD light will show COPY; if you connect to TV, the TV will show the schedule, proved that you are flashing now( around two minutes long) , after finishing flashing, it will enter the system automatically(It will be a little longer for the first time, about 3 minutes), maybe you can drink a cup of tea or coffee sit besides it. Please note that DO NOT turn off the power. If you did so, just need to re-flash without any fear.

The below pics are of the flashing process:

Flashing now

Finishing flashing and entering the syetem

You can upgrade the local OTA, if you don’t want to flash.




  1. cookie clicker

    Very great article. Thanks for your instructions. it helps me a lot.

  2. christian loche

    not work methode for my. no copy up…hello nothing

  3. anonikat

    thank YOU!! xD I can change the firmware from my epiphan video webcaster x1 for zidoo x9 firmware, basically is a zidoo x9

  4. Bülent DEMİRCAN

    i flashed mstarupgrade.bin. it finishes copying and entering system but there is an error message “unfortunatelly vfdservice has stopped……” and it doesnt disappear. so zidoo doesnt start. help me please.

  5. zbigniew

    kupiłem zidoo x9 nacieszyłem sie 2 tygodnie i nistety padło wyskoczył jakis błąd he 110 co dalej z tym można zrobić

  6. Taslim

    Where can I get Firmware I upgraded to and it has problems with the Weather App, Air-mouse power / Stand By Button and file manager intermittent problems accessing my external Hard Drives and SD Memory card.

  7. Dallas

    Will this firmware disable the A/V port? It says in the instructions

    “The following Flashing Process is about ZIDOO X9, attaching ZIDOO X9 TV BOX:
    First, do some preparation:
    A ZIDOO X9 TV BOX, one HDMI cable, A TV set ”

    Why does it say HDMI cable and not HDMI cable or a A/V cable and a TV?

  8. bovoro

    hi guys , i have a issue with my x9 box, clock screen get 88:88 when i tried to flash , what can i do to flash bootloader, recovery etc, my box is very bricked

  9. SamuelND

    how do i get the mstarupgrade.bin ?

    1. zidoo

      Warning: if your system can start normally, please don’t try to brush machine

  10. Guest

    how do i get the mstarupgrade.bin ?

  11. zidoo

    test comment


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