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How to solve the connection failed problem of google PlayStore

  1. How to solve the connection failed problem of PlayStore, which always prompts “Check your connection and try again”
  2. How to solve the problem of PlayStore, which always shows blank and can’t refresh.

If you are confused by the above problems, the following methods may be useful to help you.

First, you have to make sure that your network has been connected, which you can check it through a web page on the browser.

If there is no more question on your own network, but still can not connect the PlayStore.

  1. If you can’t connect PlayStore with your cable network, please check whether your Wifi switch has been opened. If not, please turn it on, then try to open your PlayStore. However, you may need to clean your PlayStore data before doing this process.
  2. We can change a network, if you connect it with the cable network for the first time, then you might try to use the Wifi. But you find that still didn’t work, after connecting with Wifi. You can login your PlayStore after restarting your machine.
  3. Opening the PlayStore before connecting network, but still what all didn’t show, even if you have saved your account.

1)You can clean your PlayStore data by APP Manager or Advanced System Settings, then open your PlayStore, it will reflesh and normal display.

2)Restart your machine, waiting for another 20s or 30s when you connect network, then open the PlayStore, which will show things what you need.



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