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The new firmware v1.0.2.6 for x9 Release

Update list:

1. Remove the option 1080I in the setting.
2. HDMI IN no longer shows in the screen when power on.
3. Adding direct starting recording function with the new button[TV] entering HDMI IN directly.
4. After power on, deleting the record which past the schedule time with HDMI IN recording.
5. The default video format of HDMI IN recording is TS.
6. Adding the save function of HDMI IN video format and resolution of the parameter.
7. The screen saver won’t go wrong after closing it.
8. No longer lose the focus, when it exits from APPs management to main UI.
9. It won’t send error message duiring playing,after upgrading localMM OTA.
10. Single loop is valid.
11. It will play smoothly with a single loop app of ISO/BDMV.
12. LocalMM rmoves SAMB & NFS.
13. LocalMM will keep running when multiple ISOes switch around in the playlist.
14. Home button won’t fail through one-click removal.If did not, please Restore Factory Defaults.
15. The local upgrade file is removed after cleanig APP data.
16. In the root directory of local disk to open pictures, the picture manager won’t stop running directly.
17. Adding TFcard with write permission.
18. It can display volume frame whether the volume is 0 or 100,increse or decrease.

Check the OTA upgrade online, or download the file:


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