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Porting KODI base on AllWinner H3

We downloaded the standard KODI version and made playing test with Allwinner H3, found most of blue-ray film sources with 1080P would not play smoothly.

The analysis shown: The standard XMBC is base on Media Decode, and video buffer through the Linux Render GLES Render:
It led to not fast enough, after a couple of copy video buffer that’s from the Decode to Render.

After many times of discussions with our R&D team, we decided to dock OMX decode and HWComposer of Allwinner directly.

In this way, it can realize the video buffer with ZERO copy, and it’s totally size up the fluency of playing. Attached several screenshots:





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    Dear Zidoo,

    Android 6.0 is out now as you know. So for your recent customers that bought your X9 unit, shouldn’t you at least upgrade your firmware so that Kodi 17 beta will work ? Kodi 17 will be the norm for awhile now and to keep your customers, I think you should release one last version so Kodi installs will detect, load and work with your Zidoo X9 unit. Please advise

    a loyal customer


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