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How to flash zidoo X6 Pro box

1: Download the flash package (attached the driver) [Download] [​IMG] Unzip the burning tool, click and open this tool[​IMG] 2: Lay in the downloaded flash package of “ZIDOO_X6 Pro_v1.x.xx.img” Download ZIDOO_X6 Pro_v1.0.19.img (742 MB) [​IMG] 3: Using the double port USB cable (as show in the Figure), one connects to USB ⑦USB/OTG, the other connects to PC. [​IMG] Press reset button, (If used for the first time, will show the drive installation; if failed, please make it with manual installation ) [​IMG] After finishing installation, it will show related connection “Port”, then click “ Run” and it will burn the firmware automatically. [​IMG] The firmware is under burning, the icon that is in the upper right corner of will turn blue, and there is a prompt “Download Firmware..” on the middle port. [​IMG] The firmware has been burning, it will show the ID and Time about finishing burning on the right. [​IMG] Part TWO: The reference of local OTA upgrade process: ZIDOO_X9( Part THREE: Online update, to download the latest firmware version, which is similar to the local OTA upgrade. Notices: 1. Do not disconnect USB cable during flashing (It will take about 1min and 20s to flash); if over 2min, you can choose to flash again. 2. It will be slower to turn on for the first time after flashing, please wait with your patience; if can not enter system, you can choose to flash again to recover.



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