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How to flash zidoo X6 Pro box

1: Download the flash package (attached the driver) [Download]


Unzip the burning tool, click and open this tool[​IMG]

2: Lay in the downloaded flash package of “ZIDOO_X6 Pro_v1.x.xx.img”
Download ZIDOO_X6 Pro_v1.0.19.img (742 MB)


3: Using the double port USB cable (as show in the Figure), one connects to USB ⑦USB/OTG, the other connects to PC.


Press reset button, (If used for the first time, will show the drive installation; if failed, please make it with manual installation )


After finishing installation, it will show related connection “Port”, then click “ Run” and it will burn the firmware automatically.


The firmware is under burning, the icon that is in the upper right corner of will turn blue, and there is a prompt “Download Firmware..” on the middle port.


The firmware has been burning, it will show the ID and Time about finishing burning on the right.


Part TWO: The reference of local OTA upgrade process:


Part THREE: Online update, to download the latest firmware version, which is similar to the local OTA upgrade.


1. Do not disconnect USB cable during flashing (It will take about 1min and 20s to flash); if over 2min, you can choose to flash again.

2. It will be slower to turn on for the first time after flashing, please wait with your patience; if can not enter system, you can choose to flash again to recover.


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