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How to download and scan poster to generate a poster wall

Zidoo media players support to download movie poster and generate movie poster wall automatically, then we take Zidoo Z9S for example and  describe how to generate a movie poster wall.

1.The first time we open the poster wall application, we need to make the following initial settings and language. The child lock can be set according to your demand. After the setting is completed then confirm to enter the next step.

2.At this time, the movie poster wall is still blank. Please click “Open source”and choose the path that store movies like SMB,NFS and HDD.

3.Here we choose NFS as movies is stored in NAS, please note the poster wall is searched and scanned according to movie files, there must be movies in NFS, or there will be no poster wall.

4.Before scanning, we could define priority of movies displaying.

Scrap source: the source of poster, it will match online according to the movie name and the media player need to connect to internet firstly. We suggest you choose “intelligent”.

NFO parse: if scrap fail, choose whether to parse or prioritize through the movie’s NFO file. Generally the default is“Alternative”.

Excluding folders: choose the folders that you don’t want to scan, then it will not show up on poster wall.

Use local images first when scanning: scan poster pictures preferentially in the movie catalog directly as a poster.

5.There will be a progress bar on screen and please wait patiently until it is finished.

6.After scanning is finished, there will be poster wall shows all posters that is scanned successfully.

7.There is also other functions like searching,browsing, adding device and setting, just press “menu”button on the remote control.



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