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ZIDOO Review: 2019 Chengdu International Audio Exhibition

2019 Chengdu International Audio Exhibition has been held in Chengdu Longzhimeng Hotel. As a feast for audio-visual enthusiasts in Southwest China, Zidoo has been exhibiting for the first time as a new member of the exhibitor, who is dominated in the home theater equipment exhibition area.

The ZIDOO Showroom displayed of all the models that is on the market, and provided close visits and experience of new features for enthusiasts who come to the show.



The ZIDOOX prototype displayed in the exhibition hall is the world’s first engineering prototype. It is the first time to show up in China. It is highly integrated with the professional digital broadcast / Hifi audio decoder / headphone amps / music server / 4K media player function,  Supporting a comprehensive and advanced format and taking the superior quality of audio and video into account, it is so unique as it basically breaks the form of all traditional media players in the market.



Located in the UHD2000 dynamic demonstration area of the exhibition hall, we built a functional demonstration environment for visitor with an LCD TV, LIYASUONO 150S power amplifier and Elf passive bookshelf speaker.

The HiFi audio performance demonstration part uses the UHD2000 exclusive playback engine to play the master-level lossless DSD music, hard decoding to analog audio by XMOS and ESS9038 chips, and RCA transmitting to the HiFi speaker system for high-quality lossless music playback.

The exhibition provided a platform for deep communication between manufacturers and users. Not only did more audio and video players deeply understand the ZIDOO brand and products, but also the users and distributors witnessed the development and strength of ZIDOO.



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