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Review: Zidoo Participated in The 26th GUANGZHOU HIGH END SHOW

From December 6th to 8th, the 26th GUANGZHOU HIGH END SHOW was held at the Oriental Hotel in Guangzhou. This session of the exhibition is known as “the richest and most valuable” in the history. The number of attendees has greatly exceeded previous sessions because of increased numbers of exhibitors and venue area,the diversification of products, large number of head-fi products.

Zidoo Showroom offers a wonderful feast for guests in static/dynamic presentation,HiFi audio decoding,HDR10 + demo,personalized 4k cinema presentation environment.

Zidoo X / UHD2000 / Z1000 / Z10 / Z9S / X20Pro are being displayed…

The most eye-catching model in the Zidoo static display area is the Zidoo X. PM-2 flat diaphragm headset is prepared to help enthusiasts experiencing the powerful headphone amplifier function of the Zidoo X. Many enthusiasts are immersed in DSD and MQA lossless music…

HiFi & 4K HDR10+


  1. Zidoo X / Z1000
  2. Samsung QLED 4KTV
  3. Liyasuono elf-LE+Audel Malika Speaker

A dynamic presentation environment of Zidoo X and Z1000 is set up on the side of the static display area. Z1000 mainly demonstrates functions such as smooth system, poster wall, and subtitle download. While Zidoo X shows HiFi music decoding by XMOS and AKM4477.


Customized Cinema Environment Experience

  • 4K Atmos Cinema Environment



  1. Zidoo UHD2000
  2. 4K JVC DLA-N5BC Projector
  3. 7.1.4 Atmos Liyasuono sound
  4. Marantz SR-6014 Power amplifier

In Hall 2, Zidoo established a high-end 4K Atmos cinema standard demonstration environment in cooperation with Ma-Tian-Yan-Tong Co., Ltd .

The Zidoo UHD2000 media player supports HDR, high color depth, and wide color gamut video technology. Several 4k UHD standard videos were played for guests.


High-end Living Room Theater Environment

UHD2000 and Sennheiser echo wall Ambeo Soundbar create a high-end audio-visual living room theater. 

At 4 pm on December 8th, the 26th GUANGZHOU HIGH END SHOW officially closed. Looking back at this show, Zidoo attended with new products, shared the latest news to Zidoo fans, showed the diversity of Zidoo media players, helped newbies to experience customized home theater. Zidoo are glad to communicate with media players enthusiasts and will develop more good products and push the development of audio and video field!



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