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How to Use Roon in Zidoo Media Players?

As it always goes, both Zidoo software and hardware are self-developed and produced. Among with the deep development of Zidoo R&D expert team, Zidoo products continue to strengthen the HiFi performance.

Zidoo has released Hi-End audio digital decoders and successfully mastered the core software and hardware technologies of HiFi products.

Today Zidoo and Roon officially announced that Zidoo passed the Roon certification! It is another audio breakthrough after MQA certification.

Actually it is high threshold to pass Roon certification, very strict requirements for hardware and software of media player and rich audio technology support is needed. Music playback quality of various formats, decoding level, hardware and output specifications must be highly consistent to integrate Roon streaming protocol into devices’ firmware. It takes 1 year for Zidoo to get the certification.


(Zidoo partner page on Roon site:


Roon Labs was founded in 2015. It is a pay digital music playback and management software. Roon is equivalent to the core of the brain, consisting of  a center and multiple control and output ends, which means it can be run on a PC and other devices in your home.

Roon can be used to manage audio resources connected into the network (audio resources can be stored in PC/NAS/Hard drive/Tidal network streaming media) and create a music library to search relevant info such as music cover, artist profile, reviews, lyrics and playing time. 

Relevant artists, composers, performers, conductors and producers can be displayed. The core can be based on both computer and NAS server. Users can search and view music source on your mobile phone or computers with concise user interface.

Roon can also output good sound quality which is comparable to CD. Audio can be pushed to any certified device by Roon control app in LAN, so that different devices in multiple rooms can play master-level audio and create a multi-room music system.

Which Zidoo model supports Roon Ready now?

The latest released Z9X firmware has added Roon ready. Z10 Pro and Z1000 Pro will also be certified soon. While Zidoo is in contact with Roon to confirm and certify built-in DAC models UHD3000 and NEO X as soon as possible. Please kindly wait with patience.


How to Use Roon in Zidoo media player?

  1. Upgrade Zidoo Firmware

Upgrade Zidoo firmware to V6.3.35 and above via “Quick Setting> Other> Upgrade> Online Update” and tick “Receive the beta version”.


  1. Register a Roon account

Apply for an account on Roon website, please kindly note it is a pay software and supports only 14 days free trial.                  

3.Download Roon Software

Click here to download Roon software and install on PC to be used for data association and device addition. Roon remote control app from iPad, iPhone and Android and be downloaded via app stores.

4.Scan the music library

Access into the Roon software in PC, login in your account and add music resource via “Setting> Storage> Add folder” after choosing a Core to connect. Then Roon will start scanning music files.

5.Choose the output device

You will find Zidoo devices in “Setting>Audio”. Choose Z9X as output device to stream music losslessly.

With Roon support and the inherent HiFi playback and decoding performance,  Zidoo not only brings more convenience for music lover but also improves the streaming sound quality, which is a milestone improvement.


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