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Zidoo Z9X Firmware v6.3.35|v6.3.35G

Zidoo Z9X Firmware v6.3.35|v6.3.35G

Date: 2021-08-21


What’s the difference for firmware with G or not?

Firmware with G means “Google play store” is installed, there is no other difference. Please make sure you will update to firmware with G always if you have already installed firmware with G now.


How to upgrade firmware by USB update?

  1. Download the firmware via link below to a USB stick (copy the link to a browser to download).
  2. Follow the USB update guide:
  3. If you are the first time to install firmware with G, activate it with this guide:

Note:If it is stuck in “Zidoo” logo for over 5 minutes when upgrading firmware, please power Zidoo media player off and restart. After firmware is upgraded successfully, built-in apps will upgrade automatically, please kindly wait 5 minutes to start using.


Version:v6.3.30|Version:v6.3.30_G(with Google Play Store)

Upgrade: Online Update

Note:If you have upgraded to firmware above V6.3.0 currently, please tick “Receive beta firmware”.

Change logs:


  1. Added ROON Ready playback.


  Regarding the prompt that Z9X is not certified by ROON, we are waiting ROON server to be activated, it is delayed because of time difference and weekend, thanks for your patience.  

  2.Optimized NFS lag playback problem.

  1. Optimized the long press function of the remote control.

    Poster Wall

    1.Fixed abnormal display when collections are added into custom category.


 Music Player

  1. Fixed the problem that song details interface is sorted incorrectly.
  2. Added the custom sorting function on left menu.
  3. Optimized CUE seamless playback.
  4. Fixed abnormal sound problem when outputting some DTS-CD files via RAW.
  5. Optimized the information display of the playback details interface.



  1. Optimized some shortcut key.
  2. Optimized the fast forward function of the remote control.
  3. Added subtitle setting function to the subtitle list (Subtitle key on remote control).

Settings> Function Keys > Subtitle Keys> Subtitle List



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